About me

Hi there, Im Natalie Mella, a Salt Lake City  based Printmaker and Sign Painter.


 I had my first taste of Linocut Relief Printmaking in 2008 which resulted in stitches and a newfound love/fear for the art form. 

My prints are deeply inspired by the Mountain West. From the desert landscapes in Southern Utah, to the flora and fauna of the Wasatch Mountains. Hiking and camping are a wonderful way I find inspiration. Mother Nature is my muse :)



My Sign Painting journey started at Trader Joe’s around 2013 in San Francisco. At first all of my signs looked worse than chicken scratch, but I didn’t care because being a Sign Artist at Trader Joe’s is the holy grail of positions to be in.
I kept at it, moved to Utah, and eventually got better. One day I put down the chalk markers and picked up an actual brush. As it turned out using a brush and paint felt  much more natural in my hands than any Posca marker ever did.
 I still have so much more to learn and improve upon, and I’m happy to do it. 


If it’s not fun art stuff I’m doing I love Rollerskating, bicycle riding, and imagining a life without billionaires destroying everything ;)